Children safety measures for electric system

Children safety measures for electric system

No human can deny the fact that every household relies on electricity in some or other way. At the same time we also agree that it’s a very risky product to deal with and that is why you need professional electrical contractors. Any time you handle an electric battery, an electric cable, or something else that has to do with electricity, you must exercise caution. It important that children safety measures for electric system also that you need to pass the safety information to your children so that they learn how to be cautious with electricity, which is everywhere around them when they use computers, interact with wires, appliances, power lines and outlets, and so on. Here’s how to start teaching your children about electrical protection. 

Importance of teaching kids about electric safety

Let’s start educating them with basics because slow and steady wins the race! Stuffing their head with complex physics can be boring so make it interesting and interactive as much as possible.

Learn the basics

The connection between Electricity and Human Body

You can start by explaining it to your children that the strongest conductors of electricity are water and metals. It is crucial that you inform them that water makes up  to 60% of the human body and, as a result, makes excellent conductors of electricity.
Teach them that if they come into contact with the ground or a live wire, exposed electrical outlets, cable wires, electric material, or an electric circuit, they will become carriers of electricity, and that electricity will quickly flow through them, potentially harming or killing them. If you take it a step further and promote the gentleman spirit in the education of other youngsters, you can be certain that the youngster will imitate your teaching and pass it on to friends. 

Insulation on Appliances

Second important thing to educate them is about the importance of insulation on Appliances. Take them to an electric appliance and make them know the visible differences of material near the insulating part. Let them know that typically all electric appliances come with insulated material. The curious heads will ask us why and the answer is to ensure safety. Then further educate them on how the insulation material will prevent us from getting hazardous electric shocks. Your ids will now the ultimate necessity of insulated coverings. You can ask them to ensure from now on whether these coverings of the application are in accurate position. If not they can also turn back to adults for further help. Unless adults help they are not supposed to come in contact with loose insulation for any electrical equipment.

How to teach them?

Electrical protection must be taught to children at a young age. Teach your children about electrical protection as soon as they can understand, speak, and comprehend what is being said to them. Kids, on the other hand, may be resistant to learning or may become frustrated and lose concentration quickly. Let’s take a look at the ways you can make sure they’re understanding what you’re teaching them.

Say no to boring lectures

No one wants boring and long lectures with advice. As students, We all have been there so don’t repeat it just plain as that. Make the teaching section interactive, cool and neat. Don’t make them feel like being told to rather with enlightening techniques and knowledge let them themselves feel the seriousness.

Use interactive Visual Aids

Trust us, visual aids always work. Kids just love being around colour, pictures and funny characters. They learn and absorb better in cartoon format. You can try them with effective visual aids because they seem to find it less boring. 

Instead of abruptly telling them it’s dangerous you can give them time to watch and learn what’s happening when you get an electric shock. Such visual aids will help your children to get to know more about electricity, electricity components and how it works. Implementing visual pictures, diagrams, cartoon or animated videos are interactive and smart choices for kids. This will make them aware of electric appliances, outlets and wires.

Repeat it again

Repeat the lesson again because ids tend to have short memory spans. They might not have registered everything you told them in the first round. So repeat it again on several occasions.

Top Electric safety measure for your little ones

Now let’s discuss major safety tips to save your kids from  major electrical hazards. This is a note to parents, it is your duty to monitor your kids and their knowledge on electricity. Electricity is not a bad thing but ids must understand that there are elements in them to fear and care. Teach your kids strictly about electricity and its effects. Slowly steadily teach them these following tips. If you have not started implementing the tips in your life it’s high time you have dont it. This will definitely help you in daily life situations and save lives from hazardous situations.

  • First of all, keep away all the metal objects such as cutlery out of toasters
  • Parents should put special care in teaching them eclectic safety measures,you can start by teaching them to not put their fingers into a plug socket
  • Make sure to keep away from electricals, for example hairdryers
  • Teach them the importance of obeying and sticking towards warning electrical signs, in such way you can avoid yourself and others getting into danger
  • Let them know the right way is to turn off the switch when removing a plug and never pull out the cord. 
  • Many of us make this mistake till this date, remove these mistakes permanently from your life because kids make careful observations and are learning from you.
  • Find and open place while playing with ites, never ever fly a kite near power lines as it calls out for danger
  • For the sake of children and your own life, stay away from hazardous power station no matter whatever the situation is
  • Educate constantly your children about spotting broken or old wires, teach them to get an adults help and to not touch it
  • We now how you love your devices but please do not leave your devices plugged in for charging while you are asleep
  • Don’t ever buy or use duplicate chargers as they creates high chance of electricity hazards
  • You can also educate them importance of and use of electrical companies in Dubai

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