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Electrical Installations in Dubai

Our DEWA approved electrical contractors make your electrical installation efficient & compliant.

DEWA Approved Electrical Installations:

We do all types of Electrical Installation from new cabling to installing a replacement power outlet or lights. Our trained DEWA approved contractors and technicians are capable in all electrical works including troubleshooting, installing and modification of any type of electrical circuits.

Dewaapprovals is a leading electrical installation company in Dubai. We provide high-quality installation services for all electrical lighting and power systems.

DEWA approved engineers offer various types of electrical services and installation. Some of them are as follows:

  • Electrical Construction,
  • Design/Build Installations,
  • Fire Alarms,
  • Voice/Data/ Fiber Optics Systems,
  • Installing New Wires, Receptacles or Fixtures,
  • New Breakers Installation with Higher Wattage,
  • Lighting Systems,
  • Intercom Systems,
  • Motor Pumps,
  • Window ACs & Split ACs,
  • Inverters,
  • Security Systems,
  • PowerPoints,
  • Solar Panels,
  • Computer Networking Cables,
  • Meter Box

We also work alongside industry leaders to install subsequent systems such as: Security Systems, Audio/ Visual, Sound Equipment, CATV, CCTV, paging, nurse call and card access capabilities.

Our DEWA consultant and contractors are experienced because of which we have successfully partner with clients within the residential mixed use, retail and hospitality, health care, commercial, tenant interior, education, and industrial markets, etc.  We have contributed towards many projects that qualified and compliant for DEWA approvals.

At Dewaapprovals, we understand the need of being DEWA approved for electrical installations including your other electrical services in Dubai. Which is why we believe in successfully handling electrical installation projects of any size and complexity. From small installations to large projects in major hospitals, retail, and commercial buildings – we have worked on all types of projects.If you want to assist with us, go through the electrical solutions in dubai.

So, whether you would like our full range of electrical installation services in Dubai that encompasses design, build and planning services to low voltage and electrical wiring installation. Or if you are looking for something that requires an installation of only one device – we are here for you.

Why choose Dewaapprovals for DEWA approved electrical installations?

  • Dewaapprovals specialises in all electrical installations as well as provide DEWA approvals for the same.
  • Our electrical installation services in Dubai are cost-efficient, dependable and we ensure to offer prompt service.
  • Our DEWA approved consultants and DEWA approved engineers offer the right advice for all of your electrical needs considering the premises.
  • From our in-house team to our DEWA approved substation contractors – all are highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable.
  • At Dewaapprovals we consistently service our clients and offer value for money.

Speak to DEWA Approved consultant:

Speak to our DEWA consultant and contractors for quality of work, unparalleled professionalism, and customer service. Our DEWA approved electrical contractors as well as DEWA approved engineers are trained in installing various sorts of electrical products.

Frequently Asked Question

Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and distribution automation technologies are used    in the installation of electrical services for the Smart Grid most frequently.The most common Smart Grid electrical service installation involves incorporating digital communication and new technologies into the present electrical infrastructure.

The execution of AMI is one of the crucial elements of smart Grid installations in Dubai.To offer real- time monitoring of energy usage trends , advanced meters are fitted.To track and manage the distribution network, distribution automation uses a variety of sensors, communication tools and innovative analytics.In order to take charge of electricity during peak hours, systems of demand response are put in place.

Indeed, hiring a DEWA – certified electrician for smart home installations in Dubai is not only required but also strongly advised for numerous reasons. It is because of the purpose of ensuring adherence to safety standards , electrical codes , local regulations to Dubai,  the DEWA-certified electrician has undergone training and been granted permission by the governing body. Here are the reasons why hiring a DEWA-certified electrician is essential for  smart home installations.

  • Alignment with local regulations

  • Awareness of Regional electrical standards

  • Reliability of safety

  • Skilled work quality

At Voltronix we understand the importance  and criticality of the emergency cases.Safety and efficiency are our top priorities.Which is why we structured our services to respond quickly and resolve your issues. When you get in touch with us, our team immediately gets to work,

Your electrical systems will meet and beyond Dubai Municipality regulations owing to the extensive experience and certification of our highly qualified and certified electricians, who can handle a wide range of emergency electrical installations. Whether it’s an unexpected breakdown, critical maintenance, or a brand-new installation, we put efficiency first without sacrificing the caliber of our work.

Proper electrical installations are crucial for the safety and efficiency of any building or facility in Dubai. It ensures that all electrical systems function correctly and minimize the risk of electrical accidents and fires.

Yes, all electrical installations in Dubai must have proper grounding and overcurrent protection, as well as fire-resistant cables and protective insulation.

Any building or facility that uses electricity, including residential, commercial, and industrial properties, requires proper electrical installations in Dubai.

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