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Voltronix has built a reputation for quality electrical installations and maintenance services. As a result, Voltronix has the capability to take on almost any client requirements as well as be DEWA compliant.

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We have worked on various projects and are very familiar with DEWA’s fit-out division. Our DEWA consultant and contractors have acquired multiple NOCs for commercial structures, residential buildings, malls, shops, restaurants, offices, etc. So, just contact us to get DEWA approvals almost instantly!


We are proficient! Our DEWA approved contractors thoroughly understand the requirements of getting DEWA approvals. We have worked with DEWA and Dubai Municipality on various levels. Because of which our DEWA approved consultants are capable to cater various types of project.


We support you through the entire DEWA application process. We help with the documentation & uploads on the DEWA’s online portal. We track your application status, arrange technical field inspection, coordinate with DEWA on electrical installations & ultimately ensure release of power connection.


We are organised in every stage of the DEWA approval process. We organise the paperwork beforehand and ensure that the drawings and documents are as per the rules. We take feedback from authorities at an early design phase to ensure DEWA approvals are granted easily.

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DEWA approval is a mandatory process for any project involving electrical connections in Dubai. This includes new construction, renovations, and even minor works like adding a new air conditioner. It ensures your electrical work meets safety and regulatory standards set by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA).

  • Completed DEWA application form

  • Valid Emirates ID or Passport copy

  • Title Deed or Sales Purchase Agreement (property owners)

  • Valid Ejari Number (tenants)

  • Latest DEWA consumption bill

Yes, in most cases, DEWA approval applications require a licensed and DEWA-approved contractor to submit the application on your behalf. They will handle the technical aspects and ensure your application meets DEWA’s requirements.

Some DEWA approvals require involvement from a DEWA-approved engineer. They will review your project plans and ensure they comply with DEWA’s technical standards.

A DEWA approvals company like Voltronix can connect you with qualified and experienced DEWA-approved engineers for your project.

Contact Voltronix for DEWA approved electrical services. We can assess your project needs, guide you through the process, and ensure a smooth and successful DEWA approval for your project.

You can trust that we hold full licensing as a contractor and adhere strictly to Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) regulations. With us, your project is secure, offering you peace of mind throughout its execution.


Yes, DEWA approvals can be obtained for existing structures for upgrades, renovations, or adding new electrical installations. The process may differ slightly from new construction approvals.

DEWA prioritizes the safety of residents with their strict safety regulations and ongoing maintenance programs. We guarantee the safe running and upkeep of electricity and water networks for homes and businesses.

  • Completed Building Electrical NOC application form
  • Valid Emirates ID copy or Passport copy
  • Property ownership documents
  • Electrical Installation Completion Certificate

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