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Upgrade Electrical Works in Dubai

Our DEWA approved electrical contractors offer best electrical upgrades in Dubai.

DEWA Approved Electrical Upgrades in Dubai

If your premises need a makeover or you are planning to upgrade your electrical supply or appliances, then consider Nathan Star. Nathan Star is one of the leading electrical companies in UAE and has offered upgrades and other electrical works in Dubai to several types of commercial and residential space.

Upgrading your electrical systems requires a lot of deliberation and has to be DEWA approved. Moreover, structural repair and remodeling projects often require extensive electrical work. Nevertheless, with our DEWA-approved electrical contractors and DEWA-approved engineer, we make electrical upgrades simple and affordable. Be definite that with our DEWA-approved consultants you will not just save on costs, but have well-planned and executed electrical upgrades.

DEWA-approved electrical contractors provide a wide range of electrical upgrades in Dubai. Some of them are following below:

  • Upgrading power supply for industrial purposes with sanctions and DEWA approvals.
  • Extending a property and upgrading power to run supplementary electrical equipment.
  • Upgrading high power equipment such as ground or air source heat pumps, microgeneration, large motors, welders, solar, etc.
  • Upgrades of overburdened and old outlets appliances for electrical improvements.
  • Upgrades of electrical fuse, meter box, meter board, etc.
  • Upgrade of electrical panels as recommended by our DEWA Consultant and contractor for the premises.

There are usually three reasons you need to upgrade your electrical works in Dubai:

  1. Redecorating and restructuring your premises calls-out for electrical upgrades.
  2. An old property needs electrical upgrades as you need to contemplate every electrical component on the premises and make upgrades accordingly.
  3. Even is the electrical structure is working fine you will be required to upgrade to ensure it complies with current safety standards approved by DEWA.

At Nathan Star, we help you find cost-effective ways to either make partial or full upgrades to your electrical systems. Our DEWA-approved contractors and DEWA-approved consultants provide you with bespoke solutions depending on the type of premises, your preferences, and your budgets. The ultimate agenda of our DEWA consultant and contractors is to offer electrical upgrades. It helps to improve the value and make the space productive.

Be it a residential property or a commercial premise at Nathan Star our DEWA-approved engineer. Ascertain each stage of any upgrade is carefully design and describe as the required DEWA approvals.

Speak to DEWA Approved Electrical Contractors:

Get your electrical system automated and controlled remotely through smart electrical upgrades! Speak to our DEWA approved electrical contractors today for any type of upgrades related to electrical works in Dubai.

Our team includes DEWA consultants and contractors and designers. We also have DEWA-approved substation contractors that offer the best electrical services in Dubai. At Nathan Star – our DEWA-approved consultants are extremely well-versed with the electrical standards and can get DEWA approvals in no time!

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