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Electrical Repairs in Dubai

Our DEWA approved engineers offer reliable & dependable electrical repairs in Dubai.

DEWA Approved Electrical Repairs:

At Voltronix, we tackle your electrical repairs in Dubai in the most standardised and safest ways. With DEWA approved contractors and electricians, you can ensure that the electrical repairs are done with minimise disruption. We have wide range of DEWA approved consultants and electricians in all parts of Dubai available at your service. This is how we respond to your electrical repair emergencies in minutes.

Also, at Voltronix keeping our customers safe is the number one priority. Hence, our DEWA approved electrical contractors conduct an electrical safety test at every callout. We make sure that all electrical repairs have DEWA approvals and comply to the safety standards provided by the DEWA.

DEWA approved engineers offer various types of electrical repair services in Dubai. Some of them are as follows:

  • Repairing & Checking Entire Electrical System,
  • Repairs to Prevent Huge Power Bills,
  • Helps to Maintain A Solid Current,
  • Repairs of Electrical Wires, Outlet & Receptacles,
  • Repairing Underground Wiring Systems,
  • Inspecting & Repairing Hazardous Electrical Leaks,
  • Replacement of Damaged Wires,
  • Repair of Wiring, Circuits & Lighting,

Here, offers many other related electrical repairs for all types of premises. We initiate our electrical repairs in Dubai without disturbing the ground or even disrupting operations in the facility.

We also realise that electrical problems often occur when least expected and may require emergency assistance. In case of a power blackout at important premises such as industries, hospitals, offices and even houses it is necessary to have an electrician sent out immediately! Hence, we ensure that our DEWA approved electrical contractors are at your service and rectify the issue in minutes.

At Voltronix – not just our in-house engineers, consultants and electricians are DEWA approved, but we also ensure that we have DEWA-approved substation contractors as well. It is important that any electrical repair in Dubai is conducted by a DEWA-approved electrical contractor. This is because DEWA-approved consultants and contractors understand how to be safety compliant. Such DEWA-approved engineers, consultants and contractors only recommend and function on the standards set by DEWA.

Why choose voltronix for DEWA approved electrical repairs in Dubai?

  • At Voltronix, we give attention to detail and believe in being resourcefulness whether it is a minor or a major repair.
  • Our DEWA consultant and contractors along with electricians have the ability to work in tough conditions and meet deadlines.
  • We combine experience and expertise to repair your electrical issues and offer you the best electrical services in Dubai.
  • Our electrical repair services are design to maintain the highest safety standards.
  • We also make sure that all electrical repairs are carried out swiftly and smoothly – especially at electricity-dependent premises.

Speak to DEWA Approved Electrical Contractors:

Speak to our DEWA-approved electrical contractors and electrician today! Whether you are facing any type of problem with your electrical appliances, electrical connections, or even if you need DEWA approvals. Our DEWA-approved electrical engineers will be at your service instantly! Contact us.

Frequently Asked Question​​

At DEWA we take extreme pride in providing the residents of Dubai with top-notch electrical repair and maintenance services that adhere strictly to DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) requirements. Our dedication to excellence, reliability, and safety makes us stand out in the field.

Our team of highly skilled and DEWA certified electricians  provide a wide variety of electrical services to clients for both commercial and residential requirements. Through open and clear communication with our clients ensuring that customers have full faith in our services by providing them with the update of the ongoing jobs. Emergency electrical repair services are also being provided because we understand how urgent electrical problems are. Dewa’s  top priorities are your security and happiness.

Voltronix ensures that all electrical repairs are done in the most standardized and safest ways by DEWA approved contractors and electricians. Our wide range of consultants and electricians across Dubai are available to provide efficient and reliable services.

For modern electrical services, ensuring energy efficient electrical repairs in buildings and residential areas  is significant.We incorporate highly advanced technologies and sustainable procedures to promote energy conservation and security of electrical systems. For residential areas and buildings , primary focus is energy conservation which is acquired through the utilization of highly efficient energy saving electrical devices. We educate our consumers regarding the energy-efficient procedures and motivate them to use energy wisely .By supporting behavioral changes and providing the essential information, and help individuals and businesses to take informed decisions that are in line with energy saving objectives.

We connect intelligent HVAC , lighting , and energy management systems that can be monitored and operated remotely, enabling building management teams or people to change settings depending on occupancy , the weather or the time of day.

We expertise in a variety of Internet of Things (IoT )  electrical repair solutions that effortlessly incorporate technology into the world of electrical systems. Our area of expertise is using the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve electrical performance, efficiency, and safety.We are able to prepare for possible defects or failures by deploying sensors that continuously check the state of crucial electrical components.

One of our main areas of expertise is IoT enabled energy systems letting businesses and homeowners to utilize their energy usage , minimize waste and eventually reduce their electricity bills. They also provide real-time monitoring and management of energy consumption.  We are able to anticipate potential problems or failures by deploying monitors that continuously check the state of crucial electrical components.

We only work with DEWA approved contractors and electricians, guaranteeing that all repairs are done to the highest safety standards to minimize any potential disruptions.

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