Electricity and safety, beware of the warning signs

Electricity and safety, beware of the warning signs

Electricity makes our life easy, fast, and secure. We can’t even imagine a day without it. Even though we are used to electricity, are we familiar with the warning signs of electrical safety? We must all be educated about electrical safety, to prevent harmful and dangerous effects on us from electric current.

Look out for these warning signs. If you find any problems given below then don’t pause to do it for yourself. Call in a professional to get it done for you. Contact us for honest electrical services in Dubai. DEWA Approvals provides you with DEWA approved electrical contractor at any time.

Alarm signs of electricity 

Flickering of lights

 Sometimes you can find your lights flickering constantly more than once in a while. The flickering indicates that you have a loose connection in your electrical system or maybe voltage fluctuations. If your light bulbs are shining too bright or too dim, or it is burning out faster than it should then it also demonstrates the persistent problem of voltage fluctuations.

Unusual buzzing noises

Secondly, when you switch on or off a light, listen out for strange clicks and noises behind the wall. If there is any kind of noise notice on a particular act then it indicates the faulty wiring inside or near the switch or even outlet. The circuit short also comes from the loose connection on the switch.

Hot Outlets

Have you noticed recently that your outlets are too hot to touch? And the outlets are not even plugg into anything. Then it is a warning sign that there is an underlying problem related to improper wiring. Ring upon a professional for immediate help after removing the outlet’s fuse or after flipping the breaker.

Sparkle from the outlet

This sign is extremely dangerous and scary. Do not avoid it for any silly reasons. The sparks from the outlets show us that you have got a short circuit. A short circuit leads us to fire. Flicker from fuse boxes and breaker panel is as dangerous to create fire as the above-mentioned situation. Repair that appliance if sparkling is found from it. It’s probably because of the damage to the electrical equipment. 

You won’t waste your money if the device is new because the warranty can take care of repair costs. If you find yourself having trouble with every one of your devices then it is an electrical issue. Do not worry or panic in such a situation. Stay calm and dial a trusted electrician and tell them it is an emergency. Are you in Dubai and you are having an electrical emergency? Then dial us for electrician Dubai.

Power Outages

Power outages are major obstructing signs in the work of electricity. It can happen due to many reasons. One can be due to electrochemical treeing, it happens when incorrectly manufacture insulation is allowing the moisture to penetrate which in turn reduces dielectric strength.

 Another problem occurs due to failures associated with transformers, lightning, fallen trees pushing the lines. Sometimes bird nests, birds pecking at the utility poles, excreting on the insulators can cause problems with transmission towers. Other animals like snakes, squirrels, insect colonies, large mammals, rodents also cause disturbances to addition.

Signs of burn traces on outlets

The burn marks on outlets are a warning sign that the hot wires have touched the neutral or ground wire. This occurs because of corrosion that happened over some time. It also arises because of the accumulation of dirt and dust on the outlets.

Strange smell

If you find yourself smelling something strange like acrid scented smoke then phone your electrician immediately to check the origin of the smell after removing the fuse or after turning off your circuit breaker. A short can create a fire inside the walls and further directs the fire towards surrounding materials. So be aware of smoke that smells because it signals electrical fire.

Destruction by rodents

Rodents are annoying when they chew on the electrical wires. They don’t potentially cause a fire but still creates a mess out of the system. This problem is not on your list if you have no mice issues in your home but for those who have mice in their home we are sorry you have a high chance of getting the rodent to chew on the wires to make space and squeeze inside to pass through studs. If you find a stud then there is a high chance that you will find a couple more. Find and implement humane ways to get the rodents out of your home.

Tripping of Circuit Breakers

Overloaded circuit breakers keep tripping, they are install to turn off or trip the electric flow when it is overheated. This prevents further damage or hazards caused by fire. If you notice this procedure happening again and again then you have firstly an overloaded circuit, secondly ground fault, thirdly short circuit.

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