Why Is Hiring a Professional Consultant Essential for Obtaining DEWA Approvals?

Why Is Hiring a Professional Consultant Essential for Obtaining DEWA Approvals?

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the Department of power and Water (DEWA) is an important organisation that oversees and manages the provision of water and power services. DEWA approvals are required for several procedures, including the construction of new buildings, renovations, and the connection of utilities to your property. 

DEWA’s approval process can be intricate and involve many documents, clearances, and technical specifications. Hiring a professional consultant can significantly streamline this process, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey toward DEWA approval.

The Importance of a Professional Consultant  for Obtaining DEWA Approvals

  • The extensive DEWA approvals standards and application processes are flexible. The following benefits of hiring a professional consultant can greatly simplify the process of getting DEWA approvals:
  • Competent consultants have a great deal of understanding and experience with DEWA’s rules, requirements, and applications. They stay up to current on the most recent changes, ensuring that your application follows the most recent rules.
  • Consultants help you all through the application process, from assembling necessary paperwork to making sure technical drawings adhere to DEWA requirements.
  • Through effective communication management with DEWA, consultants can reduce the time-consuming back-and-forth that is usually involved.
  • Incomplete applications or those not adhering to DEWA’s guidelines can lead to delays and rejections. Consultants can meticulously review your application to minimise the risk of errors or missing information.
  • Experts in their field are able to accurately prepare technical drawings, schematics, and computations that meet DEWA’s approval requirements.

Services Do Professional Consultants Offer for DEWA Approvals

Knowing the Complex DEWA laws: Consultants can help you save time and rework by explaining the laws and ensuring your project complies with them.

Project Feasibility Assessment: They can evaluate your project’s viability in light of DEWA regulations, pointing out any potential obstacles in advance.

 Communication: Consultants are able to follow up on the status of your application or ask any queries you may have with DEWA.

Technical Assistance

Design Assessment and Approval: To speed up the approval process, they can assess your project’s electrical designs and drawings to ensure that they comply with DEWA’s technical criteria.

Assessment of hazards: Consultants can identify any hazards related to DEWA approvals, including safety issues, and can help develop ways to reduce those risks.

Usual Mistake to Avoid :

Even though hiring a professional consultant will greatly improve your chances of receiving DEWA approvals, it’s still important to be aware of any possible obstacles. Here are a few typical errors to avoid:

  • Finding it challenging to understand the documentation that is needed.

The specialised document requirements for DEWA application processes often result in delays and denials because of incomplete or erroneous paperwork.

  • Missing due dates

DEWA follows set timelines for processing applications. Failure to meet these deadlines can greatly delay your approvals and potentially disrupt your project schedule.

  • Poor communication

It’s critical to communicate with DEWA approved contractor effectively. Misunderstandings and delays may arise if you respond to their questions slowly or provide unclear explanations.

Advice for Working Well with a Specialist Consultant in Collaboration

  • Guidance on Collaborating Effectively with a Specialist Consultant

Working well with a specialised expert is essential to getting the results you want. It is necessary to communicate goals, expectations, and deadlines. To prevent misunderstandings, make sure that roles and duties are specified. Facilitating the consultant’s job involves providing the required resources and support. Frequent check-ins and feedback meetings support alignment maintenance and enable rapid resolution of any problems. A fruitful collaboration is fostered by both actively participating in the process and having faith in the consultant’s experience. You may get the most out of working with a specialised consultant by encouraging open communication, mutual respect, and a collaborative approach.


Considering their proficiency in manoeuvring through the complexities of DEWA rules, hiring a professional consultant is essential to obtaining DEWA approvals. Consultants make sure that projects follow all DEWA guidelines, which makes the approval process go more smoothly. Their painstaking attention to detail ensures that applications are correct and thorough, hastening the approval process. Furthermore, consultants provide vital advice on resolving issues that may come up, increasing the effectiveness and success of your project attempts. In conclusion, working with an experienced consultant is highly recommended to ensure project success and speed up DEWA approval procedures.

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