What are the most common signs of a failed Water Pump?

What are the most common signs of a failed Water Pump?

A water pump is a machine that lies above ground and draws water into the home’s pipe network. You won’t notice if a water pump is operating properly. Whenever you switch on a faucet, flush a toilet, or take a shower, the water will flow normally. However, if the water pump fails, it might bring a slew of issues. However, it is not the endpoint of the journey. But consider this: You’re taking a shower. You are drenched in soap. Also, your hair has a pile of shampoo over it. At that moment the water suddenly stopped as the water pump had failed. That will be a nightmare.

There are, thankfully, warning indicators that can help householders avoid being left with perched shampoo cliffs on their heads. They are:

1. No Water

A water pump’s function is to, basically, pump water. So, if your pump stops operating, you’ll find that you can’t get any water out of it. Whenever you turn on a faucet or flush your toilet, nada transpires, which means the pump isn’t working properly. It might be that it isn’t extracting any water in any way, or that you have a serious leak on your shoulders. In either case, this is a clear indication that you must move quickly.

2. Air in the Pipes

Whenever you switch on the faucet have you noticed a “spewing” noise when the air combines with the water? Again the pump could be the one to blame. It’s possible that your water pump was installed higher than the water level, causing it to pump water inefficiently while also sucking in a lot of air. You could possibly have water and air leaks in your pipes. In any case, you should have your system inspected by a local plumber.

3. Fluctuations in Water Pressure

When you switch on the tap or begin showering, have you seen the water come out in a dribble? Obviously, this is due to a problem with the pressure tank, but it might also be the result of a low water level or a pump that isn’t the right size for your source. Pumps are not all created equal; they must be the right size for your household, which is decided by criteria such as overall water demand and the number of faucets and toilets. The excessive demand on a pump that is too small may produce low pressure issues. If you’re not sure if that’s the case, a professional can assist you.

4. Noisy Pressure Tank or Clicking Sounds

A sac full of air, comparable to the inner tube in a bicycle tyre, can sometimes leak or lose air. You may hear a persistent or rapid clicking sound emanating from the pressure switch near the pressure tank if this occurs. The pump is strained by air from the sac that has leaked into the pressure tank, causing it to start and stop often. A faulty pressure tank sac can put a lot of strain on the well pump’s electric motor over time. This reduces the pump’s life expectancy significantly, so as soon as you hear a noise, call an experienced plumber to examine your well pump.

5. Spitting Faucets

A failing pressure tank sac might also result in irregular air bursts in your water, sometimes known as “spitting” faucets. This may happen on a regular basis, but if ignored, it could reduce the efficiency of your water pump. To get professional help contact our DEWA Approved Contractors in Dubai

6. Scalding Shower Water

If you’re in the shower and someone flushes the toilet, leading you to run or shout from the sudden blast of searing hot water, it’s most likely to be an issue with the pressure tank. Since some households have two- or three-handle tub and shower valves, which do not include pressure-balancing spindles like most new single-handle valves, this will be the case. The loss in pressure caused by your faulty pressure tank will let extra hot water than cold water to pass by, resulting in searing hot water bursts.

7. Dirty Water

Your pump could be to blame if the water rushes out with debris and dusts. Dirty water could indicate that the pump is very strong, sucking up everything from the well, especially debris. But that isn’t the sole explanation. Because the pump’s filter is likely compromised, dirt is flowing into the pumps. It’s also possible that the pump was placed incorrectly. If the water seems to be contaminated, do not drink it. Make an appointment with a specialist to evaluate the situation, and don’t use the water till then.

8. High Electric Bills

Almost all of the above-mentioned water pump and tank issues can impair the effectiveness of your home’s water system and increase your electric expenses. If your bill continues to rise month after month, you might consider examining your water pump and pressure tank or hiring an expert.


Don’t ignore an issue with your water pump; it’ll only get worse if you dismiss it. Allowing unclean water enter your pipes could put your health at danger. Leaving the pump to wear down could also result in an expensive replacement. If you think your home might need a new well pump, contact DEWA Approved electrical Contractors today! We can inspect your pump and provide a recommendation and a quote so you can deal with the problem immediately and sleep easier.

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