What Are The Documents Required for DEWA Approvals?

What Are The Documents Required for DEWA Approvals?

Are you looking for DEWA (Dubai Electricity & Water Authority) approved electrical contractors who can bring you the best electrical services in Dubai at your door step?

Getting DEWA Approvals is tough because only few contractors are capable enough to provide you the best electrical services of repairing, upgrading, oe even connecting you to the best DEWA consultant and contractor in Dubai.

All DEWA approved contractor’s engineering staff is focused on providing you impeccable service at the best possible rates but you have to pick the best one out of all.

Electricity and water utilities are considered a must in every household. When looking for water contractors, make sure you get the finest DEWA approved water contractors who know their craft well, are well trained and certified in their respective fields. This is because only experienced contractors can get you DEWA Approvals for water meters!

Another key point to keep in mind is to check if the contractors work with the top-quality hardware and wiring, this is to ensure your safety.

So, what are the approved documents for DEWA?

Before you start looking for contractors, you must know the documents you will need for approval so that you have them ready.

  • Copy of DEWA approved TCL/MD, MDBs/SMDBs.
  • Load distribution schedules of distribution boards.
  • Wiring layouts- lighting
  • Wiring layouts-power
  • Landlord NOC ( In DEWA prescribed format)
  • Tenancy Contract, Trade license and passport copy.

Who are the best Electric contractors in Dubai?

Nathan Star has been one of the leading electrical contractors in Dubai and have been in business for years along side being on the DEWA approved vendor list .

They are well aware of DEWA’s fit-out division and have a team of consultants who have a vast experience in this field.

Nathan Star got tons of experience in working for restaurants, offices, commercial buildings ( DEWA Approved civil contractors) , and even residential buildings.

Getting DEWA approvals with Nathan Star is very easy, and you can trust them with the process.

Nathan Star provides proficient services round the clock. Their DEWA approved contractors are well learned when it comes to DEWA requirements. They have worked in many places in Dubai and have that experience you are looking for.

This is why you should only consult DEWA approved consultants who are capable of handling any task professionally.

What Services does Nathan Star provide?


Nathan Star are electrical contractors approved by DEWA, so you don’t need to think twice about the professionals. Installations need technicality and skills, and thier professionals have them all.

With several years of experience in this field, the Nathan Star team is well aware of all the guidelines and protocols to be followed as directed by DEWA.

Nathan Star specializes in electrical installations and also provides DEWA approvals.

Electrical installations come with a hefty price tag, but with Nathan Star, you will get professional advice, services, and cost-efficient prompt installation charges.

Since they are DEWA approved substation contractors who deal in multiple services  like installing solar panels, Powerpoints, fire alarms, motor pumps, meter box, inverters, security systems, and much more.

If you are short on time, need installations done on time and accurately, then contact Nathn Star for immediate solutions.

Installation services of water pipes and electric cables from scratch are also thier key services.

Nathan Star’s services are the best in the country, and they take pride in being the pioneers of providing installation services of every electric appliance one can imagine.

Repair and Replacement

Replacing broken electrical equipment and wiring sure costs a lot. Contact Nathan Star and they will assure you there is not a single thing that they can’t repair.

Their expert DEWA approved cable laying contractors can replace old faulty electricity wirings in just a matter of days.

Faulty wires are the leading cause of short-circuits leading to fires. Replacing damaged wires is extremely important and if you have one in your premises, contact Nathan Star, where DEWA-approved engineers and electricians can give immediate solutions to your problems.

Consider replacing your wires if:

  • You have an old dated property and need to upgrade its electrical system. Considering replacing because the technology, meter readings, and everything else is upgrading.
  • You are not using DEWA approved electrical systems, you need to replace it for safety measures.
  • Heavy load appliances need more power; thus the electric system must be more resistant. If it is not, it might cause a short-circuit or might blow a fuse.

If you need to replace your electric system, choose Nathan Star and give your mind some peace.

Nathan Star also offers professional repair services in Dubai. The staff is specially trained to detect problems and repair electrical systems to prevent huge power bills or other mishaps.

Customer safety is thir top priority, and this is why all the services are DEWA approved and their teams callout a safety test each time they are consulted for repairs.

Nathan Star makes sure that all their team members follow the DEWA approved protocols and comply with the safety and security measures as directed by DEWA.

Thier electrical repair services include repairing electrical systems for faults, repairing wires, circuits and lights, repair underground wires (they are DEWA Approved cable laying contractors) , and much more.

Yes, electrical repair emergencies can happen anytime, even when you least expect it, and that is why Nathan Star is always ready to serve you. Any time you have an emergency, you can contact them, and they can help you out of such situations with professionals.

Application Processes

Nathan Star can assist you throughout the DEWA application process. This includes helping document data and uploading it on DEWA’s online system for approval.

The support doesn’t end here; they also keep track of the application status until they get the insurance of releasing the power connection.

All your paperwork will be well organized, following the procedure, and ensure that the documents and system settings are in accordance with rules as described by DEWA is their responsibility.

One-stop Shop

You can consult with Nathan Star’s DEWA certified engineering staff to discuss possible solutions according to your requirements.

Electric safety alarms, energy-efficient electric wiring and electricity operated doors and gateways are some of the services that many commercial and industrial clients trust them with.

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Nathan Star understands that everyone is looking for the best services but also at a fair rate. This is why all all their services are charged, keeping the client’s affordability in mind.

In case of emergency, for installations, repairing, or replacing wires, contact Nathan Star to get professional help at your door-step.

You don’t need to call or visit different electrical service contractors when you can avail all the services under one roof, and that too by DEWA approved electrical contractors.   

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