What are the different types of commercial lighting?

What are the different types of commercial lighting?

Commercial lighting is the main element of any construction program because it is a crucial factor of our daily lives. We can’t ever process without the power to see. Also, it doesn’t make a difference if the room is utilized as a headquarters, shop or public hub, sufficient light is essential for a business to process. Likewise, there are a number of different commercial lighting available for commercial vacua and each transpires to have a unique objective. Plus, dial us for any  Electrical installation in Dubai.

Commercial Lighting Types

The various types of commercial lighting in the market proposes diverse choices to pick on. In the exact line, it can be extra beneficial to learn the ways to recognize various types of Lights to understand what to check for making considerations on your lighting requirements. To know more, contact us to talk with our DEWA Approved Contractors.

Here are a few of the different types of commercial lighting faucets that are generating a ring nowadays: 

Incandescent Lighting

This is a traditional and popular source of commercial lighting. These are the kind of bulbs that carry the conventional guise. They are mostly used in office rooms, residential facilities or regions with hollow light. Hence, if the area in question doesn’t get any raw light from outside, an arrangement of incandescent light can solve the problem. Because incandescent lights are extremely bright like the sun. They are quite renowned models of lighting because we use them in our households.

Halogen Lights

Halogen Lights are mainly utilized for external or safety purposes. Because, they are capable of generating a large quantity of light that directly floods over what it is facing. This is the reason why it is also known as floodlights. These are primarily used within the manufacturing plants as they can engulf any space using a huge beam of light. Other regions where flood lights confirm to be highly helpful are billboards, parking lots, ports and industrial outdoors. One can choose halogen lights as they not only retain protection through adequate brightness but also save cash due to high power efficiency and vitality.

High-Bay & Mid-Bay Luminaires

These are specially built for huge ceilings that coat vast areas and are suitable for warehouses, small-scale manufacturing units and ports. Plus, these lighting fixtures are popular for their low generation of heat. This makes them one of the promising lighting alternatives when it comes to enriching the functional situations for the workers. Also, high bay light fixtures are energy efficient and highly durable, which makes them the widespread option in the commercial sector.

Pendant Lighting

Commercial rooms are not just about hurrying or fussing over large regions, there are also customized work areas where the conventional luminaries don’t function. This is where pendant lighting joins the large resemblance with its beneficial and aesthetical appearance. Pendant lighting thus proposes an even distribution of light that improves the all-around ambience of an area. Also, its beautiful designs generate a fashionable pinch to the working room organizing a charming work setting for the workers while increasing productivity.

Recessed Lighting

These are lighting fixtures that are established in the sunken entrance in the roof to deliver a pointed illuminance. They are also known as downlights and are mostly used to give outstanding visual satisfaction. Moreover, these are widely used for commercial sites like banks, corporate departments and retail shops, recessed lighting can renovate the all-around appearance of the area. They are wielded to underscore particular regions such as workstations to lend them a healthy and intricate look.

Landscape Lighting

As time goes by, the focus on the gorgeous gape of a surrounding has improved. As a result, the lighting field has also come up with creative antidotes that not only satisfy the basic necessity of illuminance but also move an additional mile with their impressive designs to give a fashionable tinge. Landscape lighting fixtures are thus one of the most inventive choices that enrich the architectural design while proposing exceptional visibility in outside areas.

Cleanroom Luminaires

It is a completely distinct category of lighting fixture that delivers pure light which is a mandate in the manufacturing enterprise that pacts with food commodities and pharmaceuticals. Similarly, they are simple to clean, free from dust and offer even distribution of light that leaves no space for any omission. Cleanroom luminaries from branded companies are quite popular for their high efficacy bulbs. They not only electricity bills but also guarantee high accuracy while proposing extra advantages like positive locking and water-proofing.

Metal Halides

People mostly use this in industrial regions or warehouses that have quite a high ceiling. Hence, this suggests that the light has to face down and diverge. They are also helpful at illuminating huge regions. As room is a massive commodity in industrial fields using lights that can reach every corner is significant. Most of the metal halides droop in a trinket of bulbs. The bulbs can differ in size based on the requirement. They also point to energy conservation.


The rise of various kinds of lighting fixtures have made a radical difference in the retail sector. As a result, industrialists now peek beyond the thresholds of illuminance that traditional lighting remedies had to propose. Be it power efficiency, high strength and stylish ambience, the modern lighting fixtures give them everything and also pledge to prepare them for the future with the modern integration with IoT. Contact us for booking any DEWA Approved electrical services Dubai.

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