How to increase electrical power loads on your old warehouse

How to increase electrical power loads on your old warehouse

Warehouse and electricity needs

Warehouses are a place where you store and protect goods after acquiring them from the manufactory. They are to be stored safely according to the nature of products before they are shipped to another location.  Each warehouse is very different and unique from the others. The electricity needs can be huge or small depending on the size and the products in the warehouse. The management of electricity should be taken care of very adequately to achieve profit. Some need wifi setup while others are more concentrated on electronic types of equipment.

There is a need for heaters if the warehouse is situated in a cold area. Lighting is unavoidable when it comes to warehouses. The electrical power system cannot handle lighting the whole warehouse because of the poorly designed system. That is why some places are very generously lit while some are dark in daylight. Some warehouses stores frozen foods and this compels the need for refrigerators. The electrical power system needs extra action to back up all the electricity needs and may even need additional generators to fulfill the needs.

Install an enterprise energy management system

An enterprise management system helps you to measure the use of electricity, water, compressed air, gas, and steam. This helps us to keep a record of energy usage. Data acquisition hardware and software technology is used by EEM to give an idea about facility usages. This is extremely beneficial for managers to trace the expense, identify anomalies, and automate participations. Actual payback periods are also determined by EEM. The performance and comparisons between facilities can also be done

Upgrade to more productive lighting

Warehouses considerable amount of energy goes for lighting. So controlling the choice and usage of particular lighting helps to save energy. Use the appropriate lighting technology and control the usage. You can start saving energy by eliminating your old probe start metal halide lamps to modern pulse start lamps. Another desirable option is the usage of fluorescent lights or LEDs. The use of LEDs is a money saver because of their efficiency, color quality, and eligible accomplishment. It replaced the High-Intensity Discharge lighting over the decade. It is a great option for dimming options, color rendition. They perform much better than any other lamps during the cold season. There is no doubt about its longer life, light distribution, and controllability.

The lights are not always needed for the employer’s, first of all, you can educate them to use it whenever needed. But the more preferable way is to introduce them with occupancy sensors and timers, they should be connected with the lighting system.  Don’t use HID light sources because they have lengthy start-up and restart times.  It is chosen to use fluorescent lighting than HID because of the faster startup time but the life span is on the negative side. LEDs win over all other selections. LEDs are still preferred for the installments because they react immediately and no problems with the degradation of life with continual switching. The cost of LEDs has fallen a lot! What’s more to say?

Optimize refrigeration

 We know that each warehouse needs different refrigeration. The use and facilities alter but we can approve of some modification of refrigeration to save energy. Try to use moderately oversized evaporative condensers. This is controlled by variable-frequency drives. For better energy performance, use suitably sized evaporator coils cooled with VFD controlled fans. We should aim to give proper insulation and productive compressor motors for conserving money. Employ the actual ice buildup controllers to initiate defrost cycles than that of work on timers.

Use radiant heaters

Attempt the usage of gas or electric radiant heaters. It is also widely known as beam radiant heaters. Install it wherever needed to increase efficiency. Warehouses are huge and there are plenty of people working there. It is responsible for a manager to provide them with a comfortable working place as well as cost-effective equipment.

It is a waste of money and energy to apply heaters all over it is not necessary to start using radiant heaters. These devices provide heat for essential work areas.

Establish high-efficiency motors

We encourage you to install high efficient motor because of its appreciated action. There is no doubt that it is cost-effective. An outstanding achievement from it is that it communicates with the facilities EEM system, managers can then note why the motor is not performing well.

Introduce HVAC controls

Install HVAC controls to control and run HVAC components when required. It looks after the indoor circumstances using sensors while Economizer controls external air intake based on temperature.

Launch VFDs

Try using VFDs that can be expanded to variable frequency drives. It is not very cost-effective but certainly useful to control motor speed for suitable production of needs. It saves energy in that way even though it is not cost-effective on conveyors.

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