How to identify an emergency electrical hazard?

How to identify an emergency electrical hazard?

Electrical equipment are tacks of contemporary amenity. They are an essential ingredient for everything from preparing food, washing clothes and to provide light in the dark. However, anything from a raggedy cord to a crammed circuit can result in a short or a spark and conclude in an electrical emergency. Electrical problems are usually small but it is the circumstances that twist them into electrical hazard. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to respond instantly and sharply since electrical accidents can cause serious threats to people and property.

Even if you are safeguarded from electrical disasters by conducting regular maintenance of your building’s electrical systems and devices, electrical hazards can arise. Everything from an electrical shock to electric fire can put you or your loved ones at risk, so it’s crucial to have a plan and learn what to serve in the incident of an electrical tragedy. Contact us today for getting the best professional Electrical solutions in Dubai.

Now let’s see why it is important to know about an electrical emergency.

The Importance of Knowing About an Electrical Emergency

If you know how harsh a serious electrical hazard can be, then you would not take this article for granted. People who ignore these aspects could begin a severe situation and our duty is to remind you to maintain a look out. You can curtail the likelihood of accidents and damage when you are more conscious of your electrical network. Through identifying any possible electrical hazard not only you are able to protect your property from an electrical fire but also immediately stop the dilemma before it becomes a crisis. Never hesitate to seek professional help because a certified electrician will be proficient to uncover the problem for you. So, now let’s go through the common emergency electrical hazard to be familiar with for your property.

Burning Odors

If you feel any burning odor coming from one of your electrical outlets, cords, walls, or equipment, never dismiss it. Even though a ton of equipment that you bought recently might have that unusual smell after being turned on, it should not last long. Any odd smell coming from an outlet must be accompanied right away. Unplug every appliance connected to an outlet and confirm everyone in the building is alert of the situation. Abstain from employing any outlets until a professional electrician reaches for inspection. If you catch a burning smell from your breaker panel, call an electrician right away for help.

Carbon Monoxide

It is one of the most destructive electrical accidents that a household can handle. Carbon monoxide poisoning is always quiet and imperceptible. If your property’s equipment happens to be improperly inducted, they can emit carbon monoxide putting your life in danger. Physical symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning involve general weakness, blurred vision, dizziness, shortness of breath, vomiting, headaches and nausea. Install a carbon monoxide detector inside your property to stave off this life-threatening and damaging emergency from transpiring.

Hot Service Panel

Service panels should never ever become too hot to touch. That is the very first alarm sign of a service panel that is way too heated. There are exceptionally powerful currents moving through your household’s cables. All the cords running through the system are very strong and vigorous. If you detect any differences to your electric panel like frayed wiring, warmth, browning or dim lighting, there is a case that requires the immediate attention of an electrician.

Power Outages

Power outages without a reason can be a spur for concern for electrical problems. If your property’s wiring is too old, it suggests the need for a replacement, otherwise you are leaving your residence in danger. You might be overburdening the network as well with power consuming equipment and other appliances throughout your household. Therefore, do not ever just speculate that your neighbors are also encountering identical outages and rather take necessary action. If the dilemma keeps going, seek the help of an electrician to inspect the electrical system.

What to do during an electrocution?

When a person is electrocuted, they aren’t able to break the electrical current themselves. Therefore, shut down the power source instantly. If it’s not possible, do not touch the individual or the electric current will seep from the individual’s body into your own. Instead, use some non-conducting material like a wooden shaft to withdraw the person from the electrical inception.


Electricity is omnipresent in everyone’s day to day life. From the timepiece that wakes you up to the laptop that helps your work rely on electrical power. But, things can take a wrong turn oftentimes by causing you trouble. But DEWA Approved Electrical contractors Dubai can help you. We provide extensive residential Electrical repairs in Dubai. We also offer emergency electrical replacements and repairs to assist you around the clock.

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