How to conserve electricity?

How to conserve electricity?

Need for conservation of electricity

Each and everyone must be educated about the need for the conservation of electricity. People are selfish, they only think about themselves that is why our world is going into a phase of ignorance. We are obliged to think about our future generation. Have you ever thought about a day when it gets announced that electricity will not be provided anymore? People will start getting mental breakdowns if that happens for an hour itself. So think about our future who will face a major crisis with electricity just because of our selfishness. Not only for the future, currently you can save money, protect your nature and also can increase property value. Just start by taking care of simple steps like switching off lights fans and other electronic devices when not in use.

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Make small yet big changes

First of all, we request you to set your mind on saving electricity. Make simple small steps towards conservation. Adapt and adjust your daily habits into a new routine. For example, turn off your lights when not in use or using a hang drying instead of using the dryer. You necessarily don’t have to go out and get even more expensive energy-saving equipment. Do simple things you can handle to make a huge difference in your bills.

Also, you can try using fewer cooling and heating devices. Half of the average utility bills goes to the electric devices.

Renovate light bulbs

 Say goodbye to power-consuming light bulbs to build budget-friendly bills. We always recommend you displace the traditional bulbs with Halogen incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent lights, and light-emitting diode bulbs. They use 25 to 80 percent less electricity. They also work for a longer time compared to the power-consuming ones.

Install programmable thermostat

A smart thermostat is a must if you use a lot of AC. It helps you to save energy used for the electric device. The thermostat automatically turns off or reduces heating and cooling while you are gone for some time or asleep. Installing it is incredibly efficient that you don’t need to upgrade your HVAC system. You can find it in different models and the thermostat is getting smart every day. More added features include alarming us to replace the air filter or any problems with the HVAC system. We can solve your installation problems. Contact us for electrical contractors in Dubai.

Get energy-efficient appliances

So before getting an energy-saving appliance, please note to only buy the ENERGY STAR rating because it is a backed standard for energy efficiency by the government. You can get clothes dryers, clothes washers, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc. The particular appliances are available as ENERGY STAR certified by the government. Do you know that on average appliances are utilizing 13% of whole household power? So we recommend you to get an energy-conserving appliance even though it is expensive. When you are getting it please consider the price and annual operating cost but the operating cost is certified to use less energy.

Decrease your water heating expenses

Some people do not bother about water heating expenses but actually, it contributes a lot to total energy consumption. Firstly, you can simply try to use less hot water. Secondly, you can turn down the thermostat of your water heater. Thirdly, you can insulate your water heater.

If you don’t prefer these three ways then you can opt for a more efficient water heater. Select the one according to your family’s needs. For example, some are very efficient water heaters but cannot handle the needs of the whole family simultaneously. The tankless water heater is such an example of a poor choice for huge families. Also, choose wisely according to the fuel it consumes.

Smart power strips

We waste a lot of energy even though we are not necessarily using it. This is a bad habit people cannot seem to change for decades and hence you lose plenty of money. Install smart power strips to solve the problem. These are also known as advanced power strips. It helps us to abolish the problem of Phantom loads by turning off the power of electronic devices when not in use. Power strips are capable of switching off a device according to the assigned time of inactivity.

Energy conserving windows

Select suitable windows for your home according to your home place and climate. Firstly, you can replace double pane windows with single-pane windows. For instance, you live in a cold area then we recommend you install gas-filled windows with “low e” coatings. It reduces the heating expenses to save your cash. Storm windows are an option if your area is affected by extreme weather conditions.

Now let’s come back to a place where it super hot. Try using window shades, shutters, screens, etc to provide extra insulation. Establishing ENERGY STAR windows is another method to use during summers. Low E coatings can also reduce heat gain through the process of reflection of light and thermal energy.

Insulation of your home is significant

Insulation helps us to save power to retain heat during winters and to eliminate heat during summers. R-value or resistance value is different in different regions. For example, in a cold region, the recommended R-value is greater than the buildings in a hot area. Install the insulation around in attic, walls, floors, basements, and crawlspace to save your utility bills.

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