DEWA Approval Process

DEWA Approval Process

DEWA otherwise Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, was given origin at the year January 1, 1992.  Dewa approvals come under the service of Dubai approvals. What Dubai approval process does is to empower any engineering services for getting Dubai Approval and that includes the assistance of Dewa approvals. The founded public structure encompasses all technological creations.  

We understand every issue of our clients and help them solve issues to build a public full of modern alternatives. Our commitment is to provide timely solutions related to two main essentials of a human existence, that is to have access to water and electricity. Dewa approvals constant communication with the customers and their unconditional faith in us is proof of our company’s success and existence.  International client service is the  Dewa Approvals objective. Our selfless service of Dewa Approval has brought us lots of applause from clients.  Dewa has a vision of a sustainable world-class utility. Our goal is property innovative first utility. 

                      NOC submission under Dewa’s approval was expanded for Dubai electricity and water consumers. Building NOC is another gem from us in which the request for this service is free of charge but the service may be chargeable. Building contractors can have access to electricity and water through it.

Following notable service is Dewa application for getting connection of electricity or water. Customers are kindly asked to use ‘One Window System’ utilizing their user ID and password to log in to apply for the DEWA application form within a touch of your fingerprint. This special assistance helps customers to get electricity or water connections. Your precious application will be surveyed by the DEWA authority for giving further support. Like always we do application service cost-free while charging the service. Our success ratio hiked with the submission of a fit-out application for getting DEWA approval and submission of infrastructure requests for electricity and water.

DEWA Approval process of Electricity and Water

Small or big, to manage a project, we need electricity and water. Let’s move on to the main steps for the DEWA Approval process.

° First and foremost step, open the DEWA E-service website page. Apply for the application through the internet along with the important documents.

° With that, a reference range is given to you to trace your approval process. We will get access to it through DEWA’s official website. This helps the customers to get updated with the plan.

° Next step is to fill the form through ‘ One Window System ‘. They will provide you with a user ID and password.

°Following this, our application is carefully studied for further process for confirmation. Note that the application process is free but the service is chargeable.

 Documents required for New Electricity connection

1)/A document of the floor plan with the situation of the station, LV room, electrical area, etc.

2)Copy of total connected load and most demands are needed.

3) Don’t forget to submit a document of MDBs and SMDBs schedule.

4) Paper about load distribution schedule is important for approval.

5) Document on the arrangement of KWh meters is a very floor is required for applications.

6) Finally a copy of the trade license or passport and heart arrange.

Documents required for New Water supply

1) A document of the building allows.

2) Papers that talk about the desired meter and sub-meter locations.

3) Report on the floor plan.

4) Details of the water vessel is required.

5) Documents that are in PDF format for the implementation of inexperienced building regulations.

6) Premise details in a document which is in .docor .xls format

7) Following document is about the demand for meters in.doc or.xls format.

8) Finally a document on water consumption calculations as per the rules.

° Submit the asked documents to receive an SMS about the updates.

° The document approval is done after the physical checkup on the location.

° Congratulations! You have your electricity and water affiliated. The DEWA approval process for electricity and water is done this way. This is the electricity and water approval of DEWA approval.

Building NOC With DEWA Approvals

° Firstly for the application of permit of electricity and water, bring an intelligence officer from DEWA.

° You don’t have an intelligence officer from DEWA permit? Don’t worry people! Go to the Dewa E-services page and apply through it along with the required documents given below.

1) A report of affection arrange.

2) Another document of water demand and calculation sheet.

3) Document of 24-hour demand.

4) Document of setting out arrange.

5) Copy mentioning capacity and placement of water vessel.

6) Finally a document of meter location

° Dewa will actively review your applications if you have carefully done the above procedures. To make you aware, they will send you a message via SMS.

° You can notice that your approval is moved to the ‘ Track My Application ‘ option from the DEWA E-services page. This ensures your application is approved. Like always the application is free but will have to pay for the service.

° Congratulations, after all this procedure, you got electricity/ water NOC for issuance of a license.

Submission of Infrastructure request for electricity and water

To get electricity and water infrastructure contractors can apply through web applications. Contractors can approach infrastructure and data departments freely. The application procedure is free of charge while the service is chargeable.

We understand that it is a tedious task to get approval.  Contractors may not worry about the long days they have to wait for the approval. Dubai approval guides and assists you throughout the system, they have a lot of smart employees that will lead the way throughout the approval procedure.

DEWA Approval for homes, offices, and buildings

  Dewa’s main purpose is to unconditionally provide electricity water and sewerage to the public. We carefully study a problem and with ease, we crack them for you. Mainly our services comprise energy creation for clients. But we ask for client and provider metrics, energy usage analysis, and production.

By 2015, we successfully produced 9,000MV of electricity and 450 million gallons of desalinated water per day. By 2018, we managed to improve the amount by 10,000 Mv of electricity. DEWA established solar energy to enhance the energy output and DEWA star-planet had capabilities to produce 800 MV of electricity which can finish by this year of 2020. DEWA has a tremendous range of hands over 8,ooo employees. Credible and genuine employees are our strength to attend to over 5,oo,ooo customers for electricity needs, and 4,oo,ooo customers for water needs.

 In conclusion, Dewa approval encloses all the customer desires. We remain the exclusive providers of such valuable services. Dewa’s approval is distinct and extraordinary from other services because we make the proper decision at the important moments of the company.

We worked hard on improving ourselves understanding the sky is the limit, operating on our restrictions helped us bring out the promising outcome for society.  For instance the standing out from the companies is nothing but the humbleness of Dewa approvals.

There are ups and downs for every industry. Everything won’t just come to your plate, we make it work by settling heart and soul to our clients. Producing life-changing products and services made us a favorite option.

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